Annual Meeting
Global Health: New Trends
22 - 24 April

Annual Meeting Coimbra Health School 2021

Comissão Organizadora AM 2021

The Annual Meeting Coimbra Health School is a unique international occasion for all in Health Sciences field (education, professionals and researchers) to meet, learn, share their experiences/research and good practices. Although the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic doesn’t allow us all to meet face to face in Coimbra, as was our original intention, the Annual Meeting community couldn’t let a year go past without a conference.

We would like to invite you to join us in a virtual format for the conference – Global Health: New Trends. The topics of this year’s event are aligned with the World Health Organization agenda, addressing the Health Technologies and Devices, HIV AIDS/Sexually Transmitted Infections, Vaccine-preventable Communicable Diseases, Mental Health, Public Health and Environment, Health Work Force, the Universal Coverage, Demographic and Socioeconomics Health, as well as Women and Children Health, Maternal Reproductive Health.

We cannot escape to debate also Covid19, the role of vaccine as game changer, treatments and diagnose.

The whole event will be accessible comfortably from your home or office, without any travel or hotel costs involved. Although pandemic doesn’t allow us all to meet face to face in Coimbra, as was our original intention, the Virtual Conference will maintain the quality that Coimbra Health School Annual Meeting is well known to deliver, taking advantage from the know-how we learned in 2019 – when the congress was quickly readapted from on-sight to online format.

Join us! This virtual format will keep offering opportunities to network and come across with your colleagues and engage with and international community of Health Scientists and professionals.

Welcome to the Annual Meeting Coimbra Health School.

Fernando Mendes, President of the Congress
Diana Martins and João Lima, Annual Meeting Coordinating Committee

Congress President

  • Fernando Mendes

Coordination Committee

  • Diana Martins
  • João Lima

Scientific Comittee

  • Luis Cavalheiro - Presidente
  • Ana Lúcia Baltazar
  • Armando Caseiro
  • Clara Rocha
  • Helder Santos
  • Cristina Santos
  • Inês Araújo
  • Isabel Andrade
  • Óscar Tavares
  • Rui Cruz

Organizing Committee

  • Célia Gomes
  • Cristina Nazaré
  • Helder Simões
  • Joaquim Pereira
  • Mário Monteiro
  • Paula Pacheco
  • Sónia Fialho
  • Paula Fonseca