Welcome Message

On behalf of GNEIOP (Grupo Nacional de Estudo e Investigação em Obesidade Pediátrica, the Portuguese national group for the study of pediatric obesity) it is a pleasure to invite you to participate in the 28th European Childhood Obesity Group Meeting (ECOG 2018).

The 2018 annual ECOG meeting takes place in one of the most beautiful cities around the world, the city of Porto – Portugal, on the 14th – 17th November. Porto is, for the second time, the stage of this important meeting, 10 years after the first ECOG in Portugal.

At 2008, the ECOG meeting is attended by 200 delegates from 25 countries. On 2018, we want to exceed this number!

For this purpose, we want to promote insightful and intense scientific discussion, in a highly interactive format, between all participants and experts, about pertinent subjects. We want to make the shift between the “10 years-old” concepts and the new knowledge in the field of pediatric obesity, not only from the physiology to the legal issues, but also focusing on the nutritional and exercise behavior, immunity, inflammation, cancer and multi-organic comorbidities.

A good-practice regarding prevention, diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment of pediatric obesity is a compromise of all who work in the field. Pediatricians, GPs, Nutritionists, Psychologists and Sports professionals, not only working in clinical approach but also in research, must be committed to this public health drama. In fact, pediatric obesity, despite all efforts around the world, remains one of the most important questions of concern regarding public health. The tracking of pediatric obesity as well as cardiometabolic comorbidities, from infancy to adulthood, is the real proof that if we cannot stop the pediatric obesity pandemia we are jeopardizing the future generation health.

We are sure that you have strong reasons to participate in the 28th ECOG Meeting!

We look forward to seeing you at Porto 2018 ECOG Meeting!

Carla Rêgo
Congress President