ICBM - 4

9 - 11 May 2022 | Altice Forum Braga

Keynote Speakers

Diana Sousa

At the Microbial Physiology group (Laboratory of Microbiology, WUR) we study the metabolism of anaerobic microorganisms and anaerobic microbial communities that play an important role in environmental biotechnological processes, such as wastewater treatment, soil remediation, production of chemicals and biofuels.

One of my particular interests is the conversion of one-carbon compounds, such as carbon monoxide – a main component in steel mill waste gases and in syngas.

We currently work on the design and implementation of synthetic communities of microorganisms to increase the range of products that can be generated from these gases. With this I can also focus on something that has for very long triggered my interest – microbial interactions and syntrophic metabolism.